Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Football Officials Attacked in Chile

If football represents modern society then we live in a terrifying world. Already this season we have seen a Dutch linesman beaten to death and while South Americans are notoriously mental for their football, this is definitely going too far...

At the bottom of that pile is a human being who was karate kicked in the face (I shit you not) and then brutally kicked and beaten whilst lying semi-conscious. A regional match between two shitty teams, who don't deserve to be mentioned, was in extra time when fans and players alike hulked out and attacked the linesman. The referee called the game off and was then also set upon by the group of reprobates.

Some guy told somebody this (As you can tell, I've had to go pretty deep to get the details for this story):
'Unfortunately football has too many players like this. 'The surprising thing is that the only people who work at FIFA are mafia types and complete idiots. That works from the top down.' 
Sepp Blatter is a prick but I'd be surprised if he administers roundhouse kicks to the face of amateur referees. Luckily nobody died, but only because there were a handful of decent people who tried to protect the two officials. You can watch the video below. My favourite comment was, "Imagine that was your Dad, FUCK YOU CHILE!"