Thursday, 24 January 2013

Eden Hazard is sorry he kicked a ball boy in the ribs

Professional athlete, Eden Hazard, has officially apologised for kicking a 17 year old in the ribs while he was lying on the ground on international television.  Classy

The Belgian midfielder was fairly pissed off with the Swansea ball boy, who was deliberately helping to waste time and thus ensure safe passage to the cup final for the home team, and this is why he launched a savage attack on the boy.  "HE IS BUT A CHILD!" the crowd screamed, and well they might, for this brutal beast was sent back to his lair by the referee who immediately produced a red card following the incident.  Who knew that kicking children in the chest would be so ill received?  That's my Thursday night ruined.

If Luis Suarez had done this I honestly think they would have fast tracked the re-introduction of public hanging