Friday, 18 January 2013

Detective Shearer is on the case!

Alan Shearer has donned his best pipe and detective hat to conclude that Loic Remy's move to QPR may... possibly.... have been influenced somewhat by money.  DUN DUN DUUUUUN

The ex-Newcastle legend has been hot on the case after his club missed out on the almost definitely over-rated Remy and had this to tell the BBC:
"I would have a good guess financial things had a part to play. While I hope QPR get out of it, I find it hard to say he chose them over Newcastle."
There are lots of rumours that Remy's contract with QPR actually has a relegation release clause so at least Newcastle can buy him at the end of the season for less anyway.  That is if Newcastle even manage to survive this season and indeed Alan Pardew has put Mike Ashley on red alert that if they don't sign some players, they probably might also be relegated.

And if I were Mike Ashley I'd do anything he says, because how could you expect a team that finished in 6th the previous season to do as well the next season with the exact same squad?!  Why, that's like your work expecting you to maintain a client list since you managed to do it last week.  Just because this is an office doesn't mean I can't wear sunglasses, watch the Cosby Show and drink beer whenever I want, your majesty.