Friday, 11 January 2013

Dean Saunders thinks football is like the army

Ex Wales international Dean Saunders has taken over as boss of Wolverhampton Wanderers, after replacing that guy we're all going to forget now.  He's already gone straight into discipline mode though, so those players better shape up!

The new boss has amongst other things, banned his players from McDonalds, as though that were something that needed to be done.  He said (The Sun):
“Without discipline you have nothing. 
“Football is a watered down version of the army. 
“You have to obey orders and you are all together as a group. 
“If you go into war and two soldiers do their own thing, they get the rest killed.”
Yes, I agree.  Football is almost exactly like the army.  Not only do you get paid astronomical amounts of money but you also have to work around five hours a day, live at home with your family who you see every night and occasionally play a game that you really enjoy.  And I would know because I'm like level 43 on Call of Duty.