Thursday, 24 January 2013

Colin Murray is dropped from MOTD2

I thought I quite enjoyed MOTD2 since Colin Murray started presenting it but then I learned that everyone else hated him and so now I have to as well.  Also he got dropped

The BBC have announced that Murray will be replaced at the end of the season by 'hilarious' up and comer, Mark 'Chappers' Chapman and the presenter was the subject of a particularly scathing article by some dude called Jonathan Liew in The Telegraph with comments like:
Watch Murray closely and you realise he never asks a question. Instead, he makes a statement intended to show he knows what he is talking about, and then stops talking. And then fails to listen to the answer. Not only is it irritating, it is bad presenting.
Nevin looked visibly irritated, and you can probably understand why. Murray is the boy who wants to play at Big Football, despite possessing very few of the tools for the job.
But that article is so entrenched with self satisfied smugness that I can't read it without trying to look at the screen grabs from Girl Next Door that I have open.  For uhhh..... research.