Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Chelsea 0-2 Swansea

Fantastic work again by the CapitLOL One Cup. After watching Bradford destroy Aston Villa last night, Chelsea went down 2-0 to Swansea. Could it be a Bradford Vs Swansea final? That sounds horrible but would actually be brilliant.

Mainly thanks to Branislav Ivanovic, Chelsea find themselves going into the second leg with a two goal handicap. I decided to go with handicap as a tribute to Ivanovic's performance. In the 39th minute, Turnbull passed the ball to the defender whose control did a Richey Edwards. The ball ended up at the left-foot of Michu, and when that happens it almost certainly ends up in the net- and it did.

Demba Ba came on for Torres towards the end and very quickly showed why he should start ahead of Torres at every opportunity. It looked like Chelsea would get an equaliser but then Ivanovic struck again. He played a fantastic no look pass, perfectly weighted for Danny Graham. Danny the lad rounded Turnbull, and did his best to wait for the defenders to come back and block his shot. Unfortunately for him he timed it wrongly, and the ball just outpaced the sliding defenders.

Chelsea fans were back to the chants of "one Di Matteo". Not to be confused with Dominic Matteo who looks like this. Nobody wants him back, not even his wife.