Thursday, 24 January 2013

Casillas and Ramos will leave if Mourinho doesn't

Jose Mourinho officially conceded the league title to rivals Barcelona and Atletico Madrid the other day because the club have found themselves some 15 points off the top.  The Real players are not happy

Club captain, Iker Casillas and his right hand man, Sergio Ramos have had quotes printed in MARCA, which is a Spanish magazine or something like that, and these quotes say that either Mourinho takes the high road or they'll be in Scotland before the low road.
I want him dead
Is something that they didn't say but because I don't speak Spanish I can't put actual quotes in.  Basically they don't like Mourinho and neither do most of the Real Madrid fans apparently.  I really feel for those fans as well.  Imagine going to watch a team full of some of the most incredibly gifted footballers in the world, having the chance to see Ronaldo play week in, week out and consistently being in the latter stages of domestic and European competition without fail, when people like me have to watch a 2-0 defeat against Kilmarnock in the snow.  In that sense, I can really relate.