Thursday, 24 January 2013

Brooklyn Beckham might sign for Chelsea

David Beckham's son Brooklyn is 13 and WTF WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN

Beckham Jr has reportedly had a successful trial with Chelsea under-14s alongside Gordon Ramsey's son, Jack and so that picture above might just be recreated in a few years when Beckham is England manager and his three boys rule the midfield.  From The Mirror:
Back in 2006, when Brooklyn was just seven, former England skipper Becks said: “Brooklyn is the most amazing footballer.
"He managed 17 keepie-uppies the other day which for a boy his age is incredible.
“He’s showing great potential and I think he could go all the way. I’d love it if he played for England.”
Not that there's any pressure on him or anything.  "Son don't worry, whatever you choose to do with your life, I'll always be proud of you.  Unless it's not football, in which case I have no son and I will have you deported to a Mexican zoo.  Would you like that?  A Mexican zoo?  Yeh I think I would too. Do the giraffes eat Tacos?  Only time will tell"