Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Brendan Rodgers' son took pictures of sexual assault

Smart phones are a wonderful invention.  Not only can I try and complete Sonic 2 with all the emeralds while hiding in the toilet at my work but I can also take high definition videos of girls I sexually assault!  Some Brighton players also know this.

Four Brighton players, including Brendan Rodgers' son, were in court recently for 'taking pictures of themselves sexually assaulting a 'young woman' who went back with them to their hotel after having been in 4 different nightclubs that evening.  The lawyer guy said this:
"These were the actions of a group of arrogant young men labouring under the misguided belief that by reason of their privileged position they could with impunity take advantage of a young woman in this way, because even if she realised what they had done to her, she would not dare report it."
I always try and read these stories without jumping on the 'FOOTBALLERS ARE EVIL RAPISTS' bandwagon, because there is another bandwagon called 'DRUNK GIRLS WHO GO BACK WITH FOOTBALLERS CRY RAPE', both of which are very dangerous.  Also, consider how many guys/girls you have been back with whilst pissed at a night club when you were 21 and how seedy it would sound in a court of law if it was read out to you.  "The accused then invited the victim round to drink beer and watch Baseketball on DVD, but he didn't really want to watch Baseketball at all.  No, he wanted to see the boobies."

For those of you without a brain, I think it's important to point out here that I don't condone sexually assaulting people.

Anyway, let's read on:
the teenager - described as chatty and bubbly - did not tell police for six months "through fear of repercussions".
She finally made a complaint about being "repeatedly taunted" about the incident by another footballer at the club.
So that's the guy they need to get annoyed with.  "Damn it Dave, could you not have kept our secret sexual assault a secret?!  I'll sexually assault you so bad!"

The sexual assault in question is that the guys all got naked and took photos of themselves with their knobs next to her face, and they also fannied around with toilet paper and shaving foam.  That bit is just stupid.  The horrible rapey bit is that her bra had been taken off and her dress lifted up, which is pretty horrible.  It is however worth reading the whole article on the Telegraph website if for anything other than this line:
"She pleaded with Rodgers to delete the photographs but he told her 'Sorry, we are going to a barbecue'.
Top work, lads.  Sexual assault and a barbecue?  What a weekend!