Sunday, 27 January 2013

Beckham wants his friends to come to America

David Beckham has had a massive impact in SOCCER over stateside, no matter how many people over there will argue otherwise.  It's now the 4th most watched sport in America and now D Becks has left LA Galaxy, he wants the trend to continue!

The ex-England captain wants Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Michael Carrick (for some reason) to move to the land of opportunity to carry on his legacy, sort of like how Heath Ledger's friends finished off his role in that Dr Parnassus film I haven't seen.  Except in this scenario the guy they're helping out hasn't died and no-one has had sex with Ashlynne Brook yet.  Or maybe they have.... in my brain.  Or on the internet.  Quick everyone, let's go surfing together.  Surfing in the USA that is.  WHERE THE INTERNET HAS NO CHAINS

FREEEEEEEDOM yeh yeheeeehhhhhhhh internet internet FREEEEEDOOOMMMMMMMM




the end.