Monday, 7 January 2013

Ballon d'Or is tonight!

Ladies and gentlemen, the most predictable show on earth is about to hit 2013 as FIFA awards the best player for last year in a very fancy ceremony.  WHO WILL WIN?  COULD IT BE LIONEL MESSI?

Of course it will be!  And if not him then it's clearly Cristiano Ronaldo, who I would argue are two of the best players of all time.  It's unfortunate for Ronaldo that he has found himself in this situation because had he been born 10 years later he would undoubtedly be the best player in the world.  This situation is almost exactly like when the Green Ranger first joined the Power Rangers.  At first we were all like, 'oh man, the red ranger will destroy this chump' but then it was all 'OH SON, DID YOU SEE THAT?  THE GREEN RANGER IS AMAZING' and then the green ranger became a white ranger for some reason - possibly to symbolise white power.  And since this is a FIFA led ceremony that seems rather appropriate.