Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Assou Ekotto is LOLing everywhere

Spurs have been playing well this year and that's largely due to how happy the players are.  Especially Benoit Assou Ekotto, who doesn't seem to understand how the internet works yet LOL

As you can see, Benoit really seems to have embraced the internet culture of expressing emotion through acronym.  He specifically seems to have embraced the bit where you say LOL, like we did when we were all 14 and just discovering how useful texts were for finally talking to girls.  

Imagine what people did before text messaging?  Or even before MSN?  How did people ever have sex?!!!  Oh yeh so I'm going to "ask her out" on a date and then spend all night pretending I want to talk when actually I could be at home playing Goldeneye and trying to make her send me pictures of her tits.  Yeh that sounds like a real thing.