Thursday, 24 January 2013

Angel Rangel is an Angel Ranger (homeless)

Swansea City's Angel Rangel needs to fill the time in his life where he isn't playing football with doing good deeds, because back in his home country he is actually a well known super hero.  LET'S PROTECT THE HOMELESS

Back when it was snowing, generous Angel declared to his 24,000 Twitter followers that he had a lot of food going spare and wanted suggestions of the best places to visit to carry out some voluntary charity work.  Eventually he ended up in a homeless shelter since in 2013 no-one is actually homeless and I know this because I used to make £150/200 a NIGHT busking in Aberdeen and the "homeless" lived in a flat down the street from me, and the ones out in a sleeping bag on the weekend gave me shit for 'taking their business' even though they only came out at weekends.

Anyway.  I guess if you were pulled over by police while trying to lure homeless people into your murder van, quickly pretending you were trying to be charitable on Twitter is as good an excuse as any.