Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Alan Pardeux wants a fresh start

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew is desperate for his new signings (most of France) to spur his team on to an excellent second half of the season.  Because if they don't he might have to KILL AGAIN

Having completed Newcastle's fifth French signing of the January window, Pardew has high hopes for his side avoiding relegation.  High hopes indeed.
"People keep talking about finishing fifth last year and this and that, but that team, I have never been able to field because of injuries or whatever.
"We now have a strong squad. We will probably have a new look to us and that new look hopefully settles quickly because we have not got a lot of games left.
"It may seem like it, but it won't be in five games' time if we are still in this same position."
You know you're in trouble when you're worried about having to try and beat Aston Villa.  That's like worrying about losing to your girlfriend at an arm wrestle, or losing to your girlfriend at Street Fighter, or losing to your girlfriend in a domestic dispute.  What?  She's a woman - they don't have feelings.  Not like I do   :-(