Monday, 28 January 2013

Alan Hutton is going to Mallorca, not on holiday

Forgotten drug user Alan Hutton has grown tired of playing for Nottingham Forest on loan, because that sucks and he'd rather finger some slags behind the KFC in Mallorca.  Or play football for them instead

Unwanted by Spurs, Hutton has had to endure spells with Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest because he's become so lame but sunny Spain awaits as the right back is set to move out again to Mallorca and help in their relegation battle.  I have this weird thing with him Alan Hutton.  On one hand he's clearly a mink, but on the other, he was one of the best Scotland players I can remember watching for a brief period of time.  It's kinda like watching that clip online where the two Scottish boys shag that fat girl.  It's gross, and funny.  But by God it's still porn