Sunday, 20 January 2013

ACON: A new dance craze is born

Every now and then, a really fucking stupid dance craze takes the world by storm. We've had the locomotion, the macarena, gangnam style and potentially now the "bum bounce".

Congo are famous for gorillas but now they can add really stupid dances to that list. Congo were 2-0 down to Ghana, but managed to fight back and earn themselves an unlikely 2-2 draw. That is goalkeeper Robert Kidiaba celebrating the penalty that made it 2-2 in the natural way - bouncing along on your arse.

Apparently when I was a baby, it took me a while to master crawling, so instead I just shuffled around on my arse. Now I know the chances of a 36 year old Congolese goalkeeper stealing moves from a Scottish baby born in 1986 are slim, but strangers things have happened. Susan Boyle for instance.

I'll give it two weeks before you see some twat doing this at your local nightclub, and that twat could be me.