Friday, 14 December 2012

UEFA really hates Paddy Power, doesn't mind racism

You may recall a while ago that UEFA fined Nicklas Bendtner about £80k for wearing boxer shorts with the Paddy Power logo on them because that was against the rules.  Luckily for us they take racism much more seriously than that and so fined the nation of Serbia a bit less.  WAT

The Serbian FA has been fined £65k for their fans racially abusing black England players, which is some £15k less than Bendtner got for wearing pants.  Thankfully that wasn't the only punishment they dished out, and the Under 21 team has also been ordered to play their next competitive match behind closed doors.  This will send a really clear message to racists everywhere as UEFA battles to eradicate discrimination from football.  Especially if that message is "We really don't care, unless we're missing out on money somewhere"