Saturday, 8 December 2012

Torres Scores! Twice!

Holy shit balls! Two goals for Fernando Torres! He's back! Rafa is a genius! Let's not get carried away but this is probably the most important thing that has ever happened!

European Golden Boot winner Fernando Torres is forever in the news, not the real news - they cover typhoons and dinosaurs and stuff like that. Anyway he has scored today, twice! One was a penalty so it doesn't count but the other was a volley, like one of those goals he used to score when he was good and playing for Liverpool.

At the start of the season Chelsea were destroying everyone but then Hazard stopped doing things. It's all good now because they have Rafael Benitez and he is the conjurer of magic - remember Djimi Traore has a Champions League winners medal for fuck sake.

I like Torres and he was phenomenal so seeing him play shit makes me feel old and depressed so I'm going to support him. Sunderland are absolutely terrible. Gin and writing don't mix well.