Thursday, 13 December 2012

Torquay were tougher than Arsenal, say Bradford

League Two Bradford City are still pretty pleased about beating Premiership Arsenal but some of the magic has already disappeared.  It doesn't even seem like it was difficult now.

Club captain Gary Jones, who got his name from the boring name factory in boring town, said this:
"I think Torquay gave us a tougher game," Jones said. "It was like a role reversal against them. Torquay defended well against us and we defended really well against Arsenal. The lads were unbelievable."
Fair enough.  It is probably more difficult to play against a team of players who are actually trying and have such a low level of skill that relying on hitting people is their best form of attack, so I can kinda understand this.  And now I think about it, that's also probably the main reason I'm not allowed in the casino anymore.