Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The other Falcao is quite good, scored awesome goal

Futsal is basically like FIFA street but played with real people and without being constantly told that "THIS IS URBAN, MAAAAN, THIS IS WHAT THE KIDS DO ISN'T IT?".  Falcao is quite good at it

If you click that picture you'll be taken to the excellent and be able to watch the Brazilian maestro score a lobbed 360 heel flick goal.  If this was Tony Hawks all you'd have to do is manual the landing and your score would be like 400,000.  Also if this was Tony Hawks you wouldn't break your legs if you were pushed down a half pipe while you aren't looking and you wouldn't complain about me filming you instead of phoning an ambulance.  Oh I'm sorry, how selfish of me to not want to deprive YouTube of comedy.