Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Suso calls Jose Enrique gay, is fined £10,000

MEANWHILE, IN LIVERPOOL 19 year old Suso has been fined by his club for calling team mate Jose Enrique gay on Twitter.  For having his teeth fixed.  HAS THE WORLD GONE GAY? I MEAN MAD?

The Spaniard used the social networking site to label Enrique's recent dental work as gay:
"What f*** is he doing? This guy is gay... he does everything except play football."
And then he deleted it and put up something that said:
"I dunno what to say..."
So there you have it kids, official confirmation that calling people gay is now a punishable offence.  Or maybe it's because he was suggesting that having dental work done is gay and Liverpool just absolutely love dentists.  How dare you insult the dentist!  If it's gay to have your teeth fixed by a dentist then call me your handsome man, just like my dentist did while he was trying to have sex with me on his chair.  I JUST WANT YOU TO FIX MY TEETH PLEASE