Thursday, 13 December 2012

SAF is going to NYC

Sir Alex Ferguson is going for a nice visit to New York next week but in no way is that because Pep Guardiola is there.  He's just going there to hang out and if he should run into Pep, why... that would just be such a coincidence!

United have denied that SAF is going to NYC specifically to meet Pep, even though he lives there now, and have instead gone for the 'business trip' angle because he has important meetings with business people there.  It's very believable and sure to calm down every other club in Europe who also want to hire Guardiola because he did so well with a team that contained several of the best players in the world.

That's like if you were in charge of a race horse that is way faster than everyone else's, read it some philosophy about life affirming moments and then it beats the other horses and so you become a millionaire and super famous manager.  And if I hadn't been banned for trying to put the horse on a motorbike to help it get faster, I would be too.  Oh I'm sorry Mr Judge, I didn't realise you were against pushing the boundaries!