Monday, 17 December 2012

RVP sang 'Glory Glory Man United'

Robin Van Persie famously escaped from Arsenal last summer and that looks like it might have been a good idea.  Rather than carrying an entire team of failures, he's instead enjoying life, as suggested here at the Manchester United Christmas night out

During this celebration of the arts, Van Persie performed a rousing rendition of the Old Trafford terrace chant so laced with emotion that it reduced some to tears.  Specifically those who are Arsenal fans.

Then Shinji Kagawa performed his version of 'Gangnam Style' in front of the assembled crowd.  It was a classy move by the forward who shunned the opportunity to showcase some of his native Japan's most beloved music by shouting 'HEEEEY SEXY LADY' into a microphone, loudly.  At least this line was greeted with cheering at the Manchester United party, because when Titus Bramble tried something similar recently it ended up in court.  Not guilty though, so that's good.