Wednesday, 19 December 2012

QPR were scared they'd miss out on Harry

You may have thought that QPR fired Mark Hughes because he was abysmally shite at his job and you'd be right, but they also did it early incase Harry Redknapp took another job and they'd have been really screwed.

The melting dog professor has already led QPR to their first win of the season and will probably help them avoid being relegated now so all in all it was a pretty good idea on Tony Fernandes' part.
"If he wasn't available, I'd probably have persevered with Mark, but Harry is a fantastic manager," said Fernandes
Yeh well I can kinda relate to this so I feel a bit sorry for Mark Hughes.  This is almost exactly the same line my girlfriend gave me when she left me last time except replace 'Mark' with JJ, and 'he' with 'the rugby team'.  I bet she'll still come crawlin' back though.  Sucker