Wednesday, 5 December 2012

QPR: Christmas is cancelled!

A QPR spokesman or woman has said that there will be no Christmas party for QPR because they are bottom of the league and really terrible.

Using the power of the calculator I just discovered that if QPR continue like they have, they will end the season on a mighty 15 points. As a result their players have decided that having a massive piss up might be in bad taste. Harry hasn't asked Santa for much this year, just for the tax man to get off his back and for a few million to buy as many players as possible.

Christmas doesn't really mean anything if you are a footballer surely? Christmas for most people is having time off to see your family and mates, booze it up, eat a lot and get presents that you don't deserve. That's pretty much a footballers life all year round. Now they have no official function happening, the players will celebrate Christmas in their own way. I imagine there will be a roast but I think the turkey will be optional.