Monday, 31 December 2012

Paolo Maldini misses AC Milan, also hates them

Paolo Maldini is probably one of the best defenders of all time and a bona fide AC Milan legend.  Lots of people thought he'd become a great manager but he hasn't done that.  WHY?!

The retired Italian told Football Italia that he isn't actually quite as loved at AC as the entire world assumed:
I’d like to destroy this myth that I am ‘one of the family’ at Milan. They don’t particularly want me there. I feel bitter, but not just for me – also for everything we created together that has fallen apart. It’s the same sensation many of my ex-teammates have. I just want to give the magic back to Milan.
He also said some stuff about how he doesn't want to be a manager anywhere other than AC because he doesn't want to leave Milan, which kinda limits his options.  Specifically it narrows it down to one job, and that's a pretty tall order, as I know from experience.  Then again, maybe Paolo Maldini's CV is more suited than mine to work in Costcutter.  I just have to keep believing!