Wednesday, 12 December 2012

One guy supports Udinese

This story is a couple of days old now but last weekend Udinese travelled to Genoa for an away game and took their enormous support with them, which was this one dude.

The game wasn't against Genoa, but was against Sampdoria which is in Genoa, incase you were confused.  The solitary fan has since been identified as a 37 year old wine merchant who was through on business anyway so decided to lend his voice to his team's cause.  Unfortunately that voice was largely cancelled out by the 20,000 other people at the game but at least he tried!  It was only a 600 mile round trip to get there so it just goes to show how committed the Udinese fans are.  Ibrox from Aberdeen is a 250 mile roundtrip and we still take 1000s down every time.  That doesn't even include those who die on the way from orc attack