Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Neymar went to Disney World

Though you might think it, being an internationally renowned professional footballer isn't all fun, money and girls, it's also a lot of hard work, as Neymar proved by going to Disney World and taking pictures with hot princesses.  Lad.

This story is lifted straight from our lovely friends at Dirty Tackle! and I think it is wonderful.  Having helped his club Santos to a mighty eighth place finish in the Brazilian league, the striker has rewarded himself with a little visit to Florida where he can take a break from the pressures of professional football and recreate every guy's fantasy of banging a Disney princess.

Out of all of these princesses, the one I would normally most like to do is Jasmine but they have really cast her poorly at this theme park.  I'm disappointed.  I would do her maybe third, and that is poor for Jasmine.

Then he met an army soldier from Toy Story

And he also went on a rollercoaster

And that was pretty much it.  If I had to guess how many princesses he had sex with I would say three.  Three princesses.