Sunday, 23 December 2012

Newcastle want 3 players

Alan Pardew is desperate for everyone to not hate him now he has an eight year contract and has told Mike Ashley that the club needs to sign three players.  WHO WILL THEY BE?!!

The Newcastle manager told the BBC:
"I need a couple of players in this group, and maybe even three, whether we can get them here, on a financial front, remains to be seen."
 And now the guessing game begins.  I think they will sign Ronaldo and Jon Dahl Tomasson because they are both very highly rated.  The other player they are believed to definitely sign is Loic Remy who looks like that guy above, mostly because he is that guy.  I had no idea what Remy would look like but I was sure he'd be white and have short black hair.  How racist of me.