Sunday, 23 December 2012

Mourinho's middle name is danger

Jose Mourinho has vowed to carry on as Real Madrid after they lost yet another game in La Liga to leave the team 16 points behind Barcelona.  He's living life on the edge!

Real expect quite a lot of their managers and despite the fact that he won the league with them and a couple of cups, Mourinho still hasn't set the club as the greatest in the land of Spain.  That title belongs to Barcelona, who are much better.  Barcelona also don't drop Iker Casillas before games:
"At the moment, for me and my coaching staff, Adan is better than Iker," Mourinho said. "We have been struggling in a number of areas, one of those has been defence. The coach analyses who is in the best situation to play and chooses his team and that is what I have done.
"You [the media] can invent what you want but it's purely a technical decision."
Yeh, if by technical you mean 'a really easy way to wind up everyone'.  Casillas was the captain of Spain when they won the World Cup and both Euro championships so I guess it's probably quite hard to motivate him, unless you have a table full of drugs, expensive European prostitutes and Kingpin on DVD.  But no!  They "don't teach that at manager school" anymore.   What is this?  The 80s?  I can't work here anymore