Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Messi record under threat

Messi, Messi, Messi, it's all about Messi. What about Godfrey Chitalu? Why aren't we talking about him? Probably because nobody has ever heard of him.

Apparently this is him - I know this because I used Wikipedia. The Zambian FA is going to present an official challenge to FIFA for the "Goals in a calender year" record. Chitalu played for the mighty Kabwe Warriors and in 1972 scored 107 goals. Unfortunately they are having to get a team together to try and prove he scored all these goals because not even the internet  knows.

The debate has been heating up in Zambia and people don't understand why his goals haven't been recognised. Probably because he played for a team that sounds like something from a 70s martial-arts film. This record is nonsense anyway, when you get the Guinness Book of Records on Christmas Day - you always flick straight to the freaks section. "World' longest big toe", "most amount of balls juggled by a midget on a unicycle whilst on fire" - you know, the good stuff.