Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mario Balotelli follows taxis to not get lost

Mario Balotelli had to go and meet his agent in London the other day so he hired a taxi!  And then drove behind it so he wouldn't get lost.  It cost him £800.

This could be absolute nonsense like most of the Balotelli stories, but according to the Mirror:
Balotelli recently arranged to meet his agent Mino Raiola at the ­London home of Fulham manager Martin Jol as Raiola looks after both men.
Jol saw a cab pull up outside, but Balotelli didn't climb out. He arrived behind the taxi, driving one of his cars — an £80,000 ­Maserati GT.
Sure it might seem a bit stupid to hire a car and then not just get a ride in it, but when you have a super nice car why not just drive that?  I can get lost driving in the tiny village I live in, and going anywhere outside the city makes me panic so in a way I suppose I can understand because I actually speak the same language as most people here.  Actually, now I think about it, if Mario Balotelli got lost in my village he'd probably end up driving 88mph into a wall to get back to present day so it's good he's got someone to help him out.  I'm pretty sure they burned a witch here yesterday