Friday, 7 December 2012

Manager scores from 40 yards, is cool

Some players are just born with a natural talent for the game that never disappears and Dragan Stojkovic is one of these people.  How do I know this?  Because he scored a goal from the subs bench.

The former Yugoslav star is now manager of a team I can't remember the name of and who you don't really need to know about, and in this clip we see him frustrated with someone being injured on the pitch.  As someone kicks the ball out towards the technical area, Stojkovic used some built up RAGE to unleash a rocket from his 'manager box', as I shall now be calling it.  It went in and then he started clapping himself.

Some people say this is arrogant and that you shouldn't applaud yourself when you do something well but I think that's just stupid.  You should be pleased when you do something very well, but knowing what tone to use is important.  For instance, I wouldn't recommend sounding an air-horn, post-coitus.