Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Jose Mourinho is really, really cool

There are strong suggestions over in Spain that Real Madrid and Mourinho are going to part ways in the summer amid growing concerns by the fans over his management of the team.  When asked what he would do about fan jeering, he told them he'd go on to the pitch ten minutes before the players and see what the crowd had to say....

Minutes before kick off during the Madrid derby, Mourinho stepped on to the pitch with most of the press and the Real hierarchy expected a cacophony of boos.  Instead everyone cheered and sang his name because he is the coolest mother fucker on the planet.  The only way this could guy could be any more awesome was if he also turned out to be Batman, or my biological Dad - who I'm pretty sure should be due back from the shops any minute now, actually.  It normally takes 17 years to buy a newspaper, right?