Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Joey Barton hates being called gay

Joey Barton is in a super rage after Daily Mail "journalist" Martin Samuel wrote an article explaining why he thinks the Marseille midfielder should 'come out'.  He's going to sue him, actually.

The Daily Mail published this article today (they don't deserve the traffic, so no link):
So here’s a thought. Joey Barton continues his quest for intellectual and social respectability. Why not come out as gay? Instant credibility, instant respect, untouchable by the Football Association or future employers. His past misdeeds mentally reprocessed and explained. 
‘Well, of course he put his cigar out in that bloke’s face, Gary. He was a tortured soul, forced to live a lie.’ 
And imagine the new material. A never-ending treasure trove for Barton’s Twitter feed: Alexander the Great, Leonardo da Vinci, Oscar Wilde, Lady Bunny. 
And, let’s face it, with that new accent, he’s probably halfway there.
Barton has taken great exception to the article and asked people on twitter whether he has grounds to sue:

When actually what he should probably consider is whether you should sue someone for them calling you gay, unless he thinks there is something wrong with being gay, of course.  The only offensive thing about this whole situation is actually just the line 'and let's face it, with that new accent, he's probably halfway there'.  Because until right now I didn't realise that all French guys wanted to fuck me this whole time.