Friday, 7 December 2012

I'm really bored of Man United constantly trying 'mind games'

Manchester United have spent the last week trying to wind up Manchester City and have had absolutely no reaction at all.  Their solution?  More mind games!  More mind games for everyone!!!

It started, of course, with Alex Ferguson saying stuff like 'oh our defence is shite so we're going to let in goals no matter what!  I really hope that Man City don't try and attack us!  Oh no pleeeeeease don't do that' and then laughing to himself, and it continued with Ryan Giggs saying that the derby game doesn't matter to him because he hates Liverpool more and now SAF has even got his old minion, Ole Solksjaer in on the game.  The Norwegian has said:
It's always this thing about being the big brother and the little brother coming to try to overtake the big brother.
"That always happens in families and in clubs - the young player hoping to take the old player's position - and City are hoping to overtake United. I don't think they'll ever be able to."
So he's comparing Man City to being their little brother.

And still no-one at City cares.  At all.  This is a new situation for Alex Ferguson, who is used to his opponents crumbling like a depressed wet biscuit and reading a list of reasons that they hate him so perhaps he might change his tactics in his bid to win the game before it's even been played.

If we got that number of penalty kicks there'd be an inquiry in the House of Commons," the United boss said.
"There'd be a protest."
OH HAHAHAHA I GET IT!  Man City get lots of penalties and United don't, so the referee better not give any penalties!  If this was a guy trying to chat up a girl, it would be at the point now where her friends think he's weird for constantly texting her even though she never replies.  And then he ignores her at the party anyway because he's too scared to talk outside of the internet, so the whole thing was just pointless borderline stalking.