Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hulk is pissed off

Hulk has threatened to leave Zenit after he was substituted and someone broke his favourite toy.

Hulk has been quoted saying -
"If the situation with the coach does not resolve itself I may leave the club in the January transfer window,"
Coach Luciano Spaletti took Hulk off near the end of Zenit's 1-0 win over AC Milan. I'm really confused as to why he went so mental. It wasn't like it was a cup final or anything, they qualified for the Europa League- that's like winning the Special Award For Trying Really Hard. You may think that's a made up trophy, but the trophy I made of out paper-maché and proudly display on my window-sill begs to differ.

Look at the skillful way Spaletti turns a refused handshake into a finger point. That takes years to master.

Zenit spent £2billion on Hulk so if it comes down to a shoot out between him and Spaletti, then Hulk is going to win. Plus this is Russia so they probably will shoot him.