Monday, 17 December 2012

Headbutt = Three Match Ban

As my partner (not in a gay way) wrote about earlier, Fellaini headbutted Ryan Shawcross. In the real world, if you headbutt someone you get arrested. In football world, you get a three match ban.

It would seem that on a football pitch, you are allowed to punch and headbutt another person if they really piss you off. Unless you are Duncan Ferguson - he was sent to jail. The punch and headbutt were probably the softest of all time, especially the headbutt. Taking a nutt from someone with a massive afro would be like having a polar bear stroke your face.

Referee Mark Halsey admitted that he saw two of the incidents between the pair, but didn't think it was violent conduct. I guess he really, really hates Ryan Shawcross. Shawcross isn't as good now he has grown his hair and turned into a human. I preferred it when he had a skinhead and looked like an alien riddled with AIDS.