Sunday, 23 December 2012

Harry Redknapp hates Jose Bosingwa

Harry Redknapp is the main man at QPR now and they'll probably avoid relegation now he's there.  Something else he'll be doing differently to Mark Hughes is not signing shit players and paying them £65k a week.

The melted wax work human has been quick to point out what an incredibly inept job Mark Hughes did at the club by reminding us that players like Jose Bosingwa shouldn't be getting paid more than Luka Modric got at Spurs.
"There are a lot of players at this club who earn far too much money," he said. "Far too much for their ability and what they give to the club.
I'm with you, Harry.  I live in Aberdeen and the amount of cunts up here who think they're Cool-Guy McGroovy because they get paid ££££££ is unbearable.  You live in a tiny metal tin for half of the year, you penis, I don't care if you have a suit.  Even Jose Bosingwa could do your job, but he won't because he doesn't like doing work.
"I fined a player last week and he was earning more than any player earned at Tottenham. You shouldn't be paying massive wages when you've got a stadium that holds 18,000 people.
"Newcastle holds 52,000 and most of their players will be nowhere near some of the wages some of the players are earning here."
And just incase you weren't sure that he hates Jose Bosingwa, who let me remind you, has been absolutely abysmal since about 1992, he said this:
"He didn't want to be on the bench and didn't want to be a substitute, so he went home," said Redknapp.
"He has been fined two weeks' wages, £130,000. Not too bad for two weeks - decent isn't it?"
Yeh it's not that bad I guess.  I would like it if we could put Jose Bosingwa in a tiny metal tin in the middle of the North Sea.  It would be like Jurassic Park but less dangerous.