Wednesday, 19 December 2012

HANDSHAKE WARS: Benitez and Warnock

In news sure to shock this country to the bone, Rafa Benitez has revealed that he will shake Neil Warnock's hand before the Chelsea vs Leeds match tonight.  Holy shit balls

The Chelsea manager once put out a Liverpool team that wasn't full strength against Fulham and lost 1-0, resulting in Warnock's Sheffield United being relegated.  Warnock rightly blamed the Spaniard for his team of losers suffering the division drop because in no way could they have done anything differently in the other 37 games they played throughout that season.  It's a travesty.  Still baring a grudge to this day, the two are set to put their past behind them and make love in the centre circle for all to understand what it is to forgive.

I know that you may also have been extremely concerned about this pressing news article too but I wanted to make sure that you are calm.  There is nothing to fear except fear itself.  And meningitis.