Monday, 10 December 2012

Gigi Buffon is a cool guy

Gianluigi Buffon is one of the good guys in football.  When Juventus were relegated for match fixing, he didn't bail like some kind of Rangers player, he stayed and helped his team get promoted back to Serie A.  Now he's saying more cool stuff

The Italy goalkeeper welcomed back Antonio Conte to Juve's manager seat after his ban and said this:
“We are getting close to finalising the deal, but we have to discuss the length, as I would like a short contract. 
“I don’t want to take anyone’s money without deserving it. I have had an important career and I think I can continue for another two or three years if I maintain certain motivation and targets. It’s about self-esteem too.”
Did you read that any Arsenal or Man City player ever?  Did you read that Ashley Cole?!! Did you?!!  This guy won the fucking world cup and he's still being a legend about it.

Some people will rightly say that footballers are entitled to getting as much money as they can out of their employers while they still have skills, but heart and soul are way more important.  Who needs money when you have credibility?  I'm going out now to buy some biscuits with my internet cash.  If I can find somewhere new age enough to accept it that is! Am I right guys?