Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Gervinho is awful

Arsenal lost to rugby league side Bradford City last night in the 'Pointless Cup'.  It was very funny because Bradford are awful, but still good enough to beat a full strength Arsenal team.  And Gervinho was the worst guy there

Arsene Wenger says he isn't embarrassed about the defeat but he is.  That's like saying you aren't embarrassed when you accidentally pee yourself in front of people.  Or at all, actually.  The win puts Bradford through to the League Cup semi-final for the first time ever or something and means that Arsenal can finally focus more on not winning anything again like normal.  Gervinho seems particularly keen on this and did his very best to look dreadful, including this effort:

Ok so he may not be the worst player ever, but you have to put this into context: he cost £10.5million.  Lots of things sound worse out of context.  Like Santa.  'A bearded fat man who breaks into your house at night to try and give your children some gifts that his slaves made'