Sunday, 2 December 2012

Gareth Bale is injured

Gareth Bale is injured and might be out for almost two weeks!  In other news, I have absolutely nothing else to write about tonight

The Welsh winger has somehow become of the world's greatest players in recent seasons and I honestly don't think anyone could have seen that coming.  Something else Bale didn't see coming was the dastardly hamstring injury that is set to keep out of the Spurs starting eleven for the next couple of weeks or whatever.

Is Bale really that good?  Here are some statistics of him vs Ronaldo

So yeh he is pretty good.  He also looks so much like an ape that if he wears a red tie, Italian plumbers everywhere jump over the barrels he has thrown at them and then they steal the woman he has captured.  At the top of a construction site.  WAT