Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Gambling sometimes pays off

Holy shit balls! Somebody won £60,000 from a £2 bet at the weekend and I automatically hate him.

I can only assume they must be a student or an unemployed person, who else would walk into a Ladbrokes and put £2 on a 14-game accumulator? How I miss those days of desperation. The winning coupon below -

Arsenal to be West Brom @ 8/15
Fulham to beat Newcastle @ 10/11
Man United to win at Man City @ 15/8
Chelsea to win at Sunderland @ 4/5
Nottingham Forest to beat Burnley @ 10/11
Middlesbrough to win at Peterborough @ 10/11
Hull to win at Watford @ 7/4
Coventry to beat Walsall @ 8/11
Crewe to win at Preston @ 13/5
Bournemouth to win at Scunthorpe @ 1/1
Dundee United to win at Dundee @ 5/6
Hearts to beat Aberdeen @ 13/10
Inverness to beat Hibernian @ 11/10
Celtic to win at Kilmarnock @ 2/5 

Another reason to hate Samir Nasri. Maybe I should be happy for this complete stranger and his winnings but I'm really not, I'm insanely jealous. Even more ridiculous is the fact that he initially won £46,814.56 but then qualified for a 30% bonus just for being a dick. 

He's either going to have an incredibly good Christmas or he's going to be enslaved by the monster that is Gamblor. The sensible thing to do would be to put on 30,000 £2 accumulators this weekend. What could possibly go wrong?