Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Footballers are dedicated

While I was drinking a lot of gin on my own for the majority of yesterday, lots of footballers were working hard to prepare for their festive games today and whenever the next ones are.  Which teams?  These ones!

I like how Arsenal didn't train.  It's not as if they're trying to win anything anyway so the players might as well have enjoyed a lovely turkey dinner while Arsene Wenger drank himself to sleep on red wine and cursed the day that Thierry Henry left him for another man.....ager.  At Barcelona, I mean.  Arsene just kept wanting to stay in and watch dvds whereas Pep Guardiola liked going out for social drinks in expensive cocktail bars where everyone could pretend to like the no atmosphere and how a pint costs three times what it is supposed to.  Is my beer made out of gold?  You expensive cunts