Monday, 17 December 2012

Fellaini is sorry for head-butting Ryan Shawcross

Over the weekend Everton played Stoke and if you weren't excited at all about watching or hearing any thing about that game ever, then congratulations you are a normal human.  EXCEPT THEN FELLAINI HEAD-BUTTED SHAWCROSS!

Throughout the match, the Everton midfielder took great exception to Ryan Shawcross's "defending" which involved literally hugging him.  The preventative measures taken by the Stoke defender appeared to work because the giant Belgian tree didn't score, but he did manage to head-butt, elbow and punch him in the face.

David Moyes forced Fellaini to apologise immediately after the game:
"There was a lot of pushing and pulling going on inside the Stoke penalty area and I didn't feel I was getting any protection from the officials.
"Nevertheless I know I shouldn't have done what I did. I have also apologised to the manager and the staff - I have no excuses.
"I was disappointed with the way I was being treated and I lost my temper, which was unprofessional of me."
And now it seems quite likely that he'll be sold in January, which is fair enough really.  I would be terrified to have David Moyes as my Dad as well and would also leave home if I did something stupid like that.  He wouldn't be mad, he'd just be disappointed...........with himself, for how tired he was from kicking you in the balls