Monday, 31 December 2012

Demba Ba is moving to Chelsea

The latest twist in Demba Ba's new book called 'things that I did to make Newcastle pay me more money' sees our hero venture on a journey to Stamford Bridge to investigate the death of Fernando Torres.  BY BECOMING HIM!!!!

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The Newcastle player has donned his best detective coat and magnifying glass to trace the steps of Chelsea's failing strikers and will attempt to step into their shoes and shine the light of goalscoring into their eyes, if new internet rumours are to be believed.  And if that doesn't happen he will simply sign a contract at Newcastle for £90k a week because no-one else is willing to pay £7million and then a subsequent £90k a week for something that might explode at any minute.  It's like hiring Abu Hamza as a luxury escort.  You could have had one with tits, you idiot