Sunday, 2 December 2012

David Beckham is awesome

David Beckham played his last game for LA Galaxy last night and did so with all the class you'd expect from a solid gold legend, by winning the MLS Cup.  It's a real trophy!

While it may not seem like Beckham has revolutionised soccer in America like some hoped he might, he does leave it as the fourth highest watched sport in the country.  I now know what an MLS is and can even name you some players as long as they are relatively famous and called Freddy Adu.

Beckham's team beat Houston Dynamo 3-1 in the MLS Cup final to secure their second trophy in as many years but the real champions were the spirit that lived inside the hearts of all those brave warriors who fought to defend the LA shores from the evil Rita in her moon castle, many years ago.  Your exploits will not be forgotten, heroic teenagers.