Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Chelsea are deporting Lampard and Terry

Roman Abramovich is still super pissed at John Terry for not properly backing Andre Villas-Boas when he was struggling a little bit and for this reason he will not be offered a new contract Chelsea.  Frank Lampard is causing the plane to lean to one side as well so he has to go too.

Abramovich is really angry with the players who hold a lot of influence in the Chelsea dressing room and also hates old people so much that he doesn't pay them properly.  He offered Drogba a pretty low pay contract, Ashley Cole the same and now Terry and Lampard are set to be shipped out so they can earn their wages from some other sucker.  I told you this guy would never be happy even if he won the Champions League.  Can someone find him his fucking sled please?