Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Captain boring is charged with misconduct

King of all that is lame, Gareth Barry, has finally done something to make him seem human by being offensive to a match official.  Has he finally snapped? Let's find out

Just look at the misery he causes others with his boring ways.  Even children can't stand to be in his presence.  It feels like you're soul is trying to escape every time that he starts talking, unless it's to a referee that is:
The FA has taken action "for a breach of its Rule E3 in that he used abusive and/or insulting words towards a match official".
Rumours that Barry finally snapped when the referee revealed that he had never seen Sideways on DVD have so far not been proven.  They also haven't been disproven, much like those very serious allegations I made about my neighbour being a sexual deviant.  He had to move because his house burned down because I burned it down.  I just had a really bad feeling about that guy.  I mean, an old man "whose wife died" letting out his spare rooms to orphans?  I'm on to you mister